Hardworking Lawyers for Hardworking People

About Welch & Webb

Longevity, commitment and hard work are but a few of the reasons clients continue to bring their legal questions to Welch & Webb, and to constantly exhibit the trust it takes to refer their friends and family members to our office for more than a generation.

Jared Welch and Jeremy Webb previously practiced law with Abe “Quint” Shafer V.  Quint practiced law with his father, Abe Shafer IV.  Upon the appointment of Abe Shafer IV as Platte County Circuit Judge (Division I) in 1999 by Governor Mel Carnahan, Quint became the sole member and manager of the Shafer Law Office, L.C.

Jared Welch started clerking for Shafer Law Office, L.C. during law school and worked alongside Quint Shafer since graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of law in 2002.  His willingness to work hard and take on difficult challenges and cases started early in his legal career.  One of Jared’s earliest cases was the result of a work related injury sustained by one of his uncles.  Jared saw firsthand how an injury and subsequent recovery could affect an entire family.  That case set the course for Jared’s passion for helping injured people and their families.  The desire to help injured people and their families led Quint and Jared to form Shafer & Welch, L.C. in 2009.

Jeremy Webb, a native of Weston, Missouri, began working with Jared and Quint in 2007 and was immediately tasked with investigating and assisting with serious injury cases. Jeremy has a special connection with clients that have been seriously injured in automobile accidents as he too was involved in a near fatal automobile accident shortly after graduation from high school. Jeremy also handled everything from traffic matters to serious felony criminal cases.  Jeremy’s work ethic combined with his interest in protecting the rights of injured victims and their families made him a perfect fit in his hometown law office.

In April 2014 Abe “Quint” Shafer, V was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon as Platte County Associate Circuit Judge (Division III).  Upon Quint’s appointment Jared and Jeremy formed what they felt like was a natural partnership -- Welch & Webb.  It is their sincere intention and desire to continue the tradition of being “Hardworking Lawyers for Hardworking People”.

We understand the meaning of hard work and family.  With a history firmly rooted in a small town it has been our privilege to represent our hard working friends, family and community.  It has also been our pleasure to represent the many people referred to us from throughout metropolitan Kansas City and Northwest Missouri - people we now count among our clients and friends.

We know and understand the devastating consequences that an injury or difficult legal situation can have on you and those around you.  That is why we take pride in being hardworking lawyers for hardworking people and their families.  If you would like a law firm that will be your relentless advocate with the necessary resources to successfully resolve your claim while maintaining a professional and well-respected reputation then please contact Welch & Webb today.